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We would be very grateful if you could briefly and informally address the following topics (as well as any others you feel are important), providing concrete examples where appropriate.

Nominee Information

Associate Members are critical members of our collaborative community who are deeply and actively engaged in our scientific life and work, attending regular scientific meetings, leading and collaborating on projects, and are eligible for internal seed funding.

For individuals interested primarily in participating in Broad’s scientific meetings, but who do not plan to run projects at the Broad, we encourage you to apply for Affiliate Membership.

Questions and Comments for New Members
  1. Have you and/or your lab already been involved with the Broad? If so, please describe in detail. (For example, have you collaborated with a Lab, Program or Platform at the Broad? As another possible example, have you engaged in the Broad community, such as by speaking at or attending a Broad seminar series?)
  2. Please detail ways in which you hope that you and your lab might further engage with the Broad over the next two years.
  3. Please explain why you selected your choice of primary Program at the Broad.
  4. Please describe how we could help you navigate the Broad and get more involved.
Questions and Comments for Returning Members
  1. Please rank your engagement at the Broad
    (1= limited engagement, I occasionally attend talks or meetings, 5= highly engaged, I have substantial active scientific collaborations here)
  2. Please rank the engagement of your lab members at the Broad
    (1= my lab members occasionally attend talks, 5= highly engaged, I have lab members resident at/primarily appointed at the Broad)
  3. Are you satisfied with your current level of engagement at Broad?
    (1 = I would like to be more engaged, 5 = I am currently engaging at my desired level)

  4. Please provide specific examples of how you and your lab have been involved with the Broad community and ways in which your research has benefited from your involvement as a Broad Associate Member.
  5. Please explain in detail why you are interested in continuing to be an Associate Member at the Broad and how your research may benefit in the future from your continued involvement as a Broad Associate Member.
  6. Please highlight specific ways in which you and your lab will enrich the research at the Broad and/or extend the Broad Community.
  7. What could we do in the future to better support the ability of you or your lab to connect with and collaborate at the Broad?
  8. Please provide any additional comments or input that you would like to share.
Questions and Comments for Affiliate Members
  1. Please tell us why the scientific Programs and/or Platforms you selected are of most interest to you.
  2. Estimate how many times per year you expect to visit the Broad.
Staff Contact Info

    We invite you to share contact information for your home institution assistant and/or grants administrator. The Office of Academic Affairs will help orient your staff to Broad procedures and best practices

  1. Assistant

  2. Grants Administrator